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Paldiski, Estonia, 1 Estland

Detail planned plot for warehouse & logistics etc.



Salgspris:DKK 19.760.000
Grundareal:234.040 m²
Paldiski, Estonia, 1 Estland
Salgspris:DKK 19.760.000
Leje pr. m²:DKK pr. m²
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The site is situated on the coastline in the Estonian municipality of Keila, on the Pakri peninsula, which is approximately 50 km from Tallinn, Estonia. There are two commercial cargo ports just 800 meters north of the site. The closer of the two is the state owned Paldiski Southern Port, which is part of the Port of Tallinn. The other port is the privately owned Paldiski Northern Port. From these two ports there are currently regular ferry and shipping routes to the many European ports and cargo hubs.
The site also has excellent road and railway connections. The E265 road, which is located 200 meters from the site connects via the European road network to cities such as Riga, Vilnius, Minsk, St. Petersburg and Moscow to mention a few. There is a railway link close by which connects to Riga, St. Petersburg and Astana in Kazakhstan. It is possible to establish a separate rail track to the site.
Power supply 
A maximum consumption capacity of up to 2 MW with a working voltage of 6 kV will be ensured from a nearby substation. Additional power supply can be derived from secondary substation if needed.
Water supply and drainage
New water pipes can be connected via the current access road. The maximum calculated water consumption rate that is planned for the entire area is approx. 40 m³ per day. The drainage system can likewise be connected via the current access road.


Detail planned plot at the Estonian coast, 50 km south of Tallinn

Approximately 24 hectares of bare and leveled land

800 meters from Paldiski Southern Port

Ideal for logistical operations, industrial park or light production facilities

Shipping, rail and road connections to many European cities and ports.

The plot is an irregular shaped, cleared greenfield site measuring 24 hectares. There is currently an access road that leads to E265 and to both the Southern Port and the Northern Port in Paldiski. The city of Paldiski with a population of 4200 is located nearby.
The site is ideal for several types of development projects and usage including the construction of:
Storage facilities (containers, wood, cars etc.) 
Industrial park and industrial services
Port with piers and water depth of up to 13 meters (either as an addition to the two existing ports or as a private 
  and independent port).
The terrain is leveled and sloped towards Paldiski Bay – the difference in altitude is 6.6 meters. There are no existing utility networks on the site.
The local municipality has expressed a very positive attitude towards collaboration and accommodating any proposals for future development plans.
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